Tulalip Water Pipeline

As the Tulalip Tribes water system has reached its supply limit, the Tulalip Water Pipeline Project was initiated: a 7.5 mile long water transmission pipeline to provide drinking water for the Tulalip Tribe Reservation and Everetts Smith Island. Tulalip is a group of Native American people from Western Washington State in the United States. The pipeline will provide around 36 million gallons daily of water to half a million people.

1.9 miles of the pipe were coated with Resicoat R4-ES HKF47R, which was designed especially for contact with drinking water. The powder was applied simultaneously to the inside and the outside of the pipe. The pipe size is 0.91 m diameter by 12.2 m in length. The joints were powder coated with Resicoat R-641 HLF63R, which was applied on the pipe coated with Resicoat R4-ES HKF47R. The 1.9 mile of pipe coated with Resicoat was placed subsurface to cross roads and waterways (directional boring).