Electrical Insulation

Electrical Insulation driving vehicles forward

There are so many components to a car. Of course there are the bits we see, but there are also the other parts that we simply don’t know are there, but do a very important job and need to be protected.  You couldn’t tell by just looking, but there are typically about 130 motors in a premium quality car, and these can be produced at rates of one every 2 seconds in large plants. And of course they need insulating. Traditionally it was done by paper or foil, but powder has a longer operational life, is more stable, and makes for a quieter motor, than other technologies. The motors are also lighter when the powder is used compared to other technologies, and because powder can be applied very rapidly and consistently it helps ensure the high production rates can be maintained or exceeded. Governments want to make sure the powder is absolutely safe from a heath point of view. Resicoat powders offer the ultimate in protection for electrical insulation.

The following 1 Coating Serie (s) is/are suitable for Electrical Insulation