Resicoat R-726 Primer in 3-Layer coating

Resicoat epoxy primers for
3-Layer coatings

3-layer coatings are popular corrosion protection systems used in many countries. This systems guarantees high resistance to chemical attack, while ensuring perfect adhesion and outstanding resistance to cathodic disbondment. The low application temperature of some Resicoat powders in a range of 180 – 220° C results in considerable cost savings of energy and polyethylene consumption.
A high level of performance can be achieved by combining the best features of FBE and stabilized PE (Polyethylne) and PP (Polypropylene)
  • The FBE primer prevents cathodic disbondment
  • The copolymer adhesive provides a tight bond between the FBE primer and the outer PE/PP layer
  • The PE/PP layer provides a tough flexible coating with outstanding resistance to mechanical properties.
Typical technical data of Resicoat epoxy primer for 3-layer coatings
Powder characteristics Standard Properties
Color   grey, green, brown, blue
Gel time at 200° C ISO 8130-6 20 – 45 sec.
Density ISO 8130-6 1.2 – 1.6 g/cm³
Storage stability   12 months > 23° C
Impact resistance CSA Z245.20-06 12.12 fulfilled
Cathodic disbonding CSA Z245.20-06 12.8
23° C, -1.5 V, 28 d
65° C, -3.5 V, 24 h
2 mm
2 mm
Glass transition temperature DSC Standard: 105 ± 5° C
Special.: 120 – 150° C
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