UV-resistant Dual Layer Coating

Resicoat DL

In the Dual Layer system two stand-alone FBE coatings are applied successively by electrostatic spray in one spray booth. Through this combination the resulting film performance characteristics are better than the sum of the individual coatings.

The first layer Resicoat R-726 has the excellent adhesion properties and corrosion resistance properties of a stand-alone FBE coating. the second layer typically is deposited during the melt stage of the first layer and the reuslt in an intimate chemical bond between the two layers. The key to the superior properties of the Dual Layer coating system is the specially formulated second layer.


Application range of Resicoat Dual Layer systems

Gouge resisting system: Resicoat R-726 + R-641
Pipes are exposed to various mechanical attacks during transportation and handling. Resicoat R-726 + R-641 ensures optimal protection while laying, handling, backfill and during horizontal drilling. The special formulation of the second layer Resicoat R-641 increases the gouge resistance in hardness and abrasion resistance. This system meets CSA Z245.20-06 System  2B.

Flexible system: Resicoat R-726 + R-105
This system ensures highest flexibility at highest film thickness. It not only meets CSA Z245.20-06 System 2a but also exceeds the requirements of the standard in terms of its flexibility.

Anti-slip system: Resioat R-726 + R-741
During pipe laying from a laybarge it is important to prevent the pipe slipping out of the concrete weight coating. This can be achieved by applying a rough FBE coat as a second layer which increases the bond strength to concrete by a factor of 4. Pipe handling is improved through increased friction. In addition, the anti-slip properties of the pipe surface makes it safer for walking on wet pipes. Resicoat anti-slip system meets CSA Z245.20-06 System 2C.

UV-resistance: Resicoat R-600
A polyester powder coating on top of a Dual Layer system or on top of Resioat R-726 primer will ensure good resistance to sunlight exposure. The polyster layer absorbs the UV radiation that causes degradation and erosion of the FBE coating. This provides long life-time protection particularly for above ground pipelines.

Advantages of a Dual Layer coating system

  • Excellent mechanical properties
  • High anti-corrosion properties
  • Easy application in existing coating plants
  • Avoids cathodic protection shielding problem
  • Total homogeneity: the same coating can be used for the entire pipeline includit grith welds and any fitting



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