Toroid rings

Cores coated with ResicoatToroid rings are components in electronics used in high-frequency coils and transformers. The powder coated toroid ring consist of a circular ring-shaped magnetic core around which wire is coiled. Resicoat epoxy powders for toroids usually meet UL 94 (V-0). Toroid rings are coated in a fluidized bed or by electrostatic powder spraying.


Powder characteristics 

Gel time at 200° C (ISO 8130-6) 30 – 100 sec.
Density (ISO 8130-2) 1.4 – 1.7 g/cm³
Kofler 70° C
Storage stability  4 months ≤ 23° C


Coating values

Edge coverage > 20 %
Cut through temperature > 100° C
Thermal expansion coefficient 3 x 10-5/K

The following 2 coatings serie(s) is/are suitable for Toroid rings