Rotor coated with Resicoat

Rotor coated with Resicoat powder


A rotor is a rotating part of an electric drive. Turning the rotor in the stator assembley causes electricity to be produced.

Rotors are ued for generators, anti lock break systems, wiper motors, window lift motors electrical seat balances, cooling engines.

Resicoat powders for rotors meet IEC 455 and are rated class F (155° C) or class H (180° C) acc UL 1446 (system approval).

Rotors are coated in an elelctrostatically assisted fluidized bed or by electrostatic powder spray.


Powder characteristics

Gel time at 200° C (ISO 8130-6) 15 – 120 sec.
Density (ISO 8130-2) 1.5 – 1.7 g/cm³
Kofler 70° C
Storage stability 3 month ≤23° C


Coating values

Edge coverage > 40 %
Break down voltage > 30 kV/mm
Cut through temperage > 300° C




The following 2 coatings serie(s) is/are suitable for Rotors