Bus bar coated with UL approved Resicoat powder

Bus bars

A bus bar is a metal conductor forming a common junction between two or more electrical circuits.

The Resicoat range for bus bar powders offers coatings for both fluidised bed and electrostatic spraying application. Many powder of our powders for insulation of bus bars meet
UL 94 (V-0).




Typical technical data for the insulation of bus bars

Powder properties:

Gel time at 200° C (ISO 8130-6) 20 – 120 sec.
Density (ISO 8130-2) 1.3 – 1.7 g/cm³
Kofler > 60° C
Storage stability 4 months ≤ 23° C


Coating values:

Breakdown voltage > 40 kV/mm depending on the product
Elongation > 10 %
Cut through temperature > 100° C

For further information on specific details please contact us at resicoat@akzonobel.com.

The following 2 coatings serie(s) is/are suitable for Bus bars