Resicoat R4-FB


The Resicoat R4-FB range is a high quality thermosetting epoxy powder coating for the corrosion protection of valves and fittings, manufactured from cast iron or steel. It fulfills the stringent requirements of GSK. The powder coating is applied in one layer on a preheated surface by fluidized bed application.

Typical film thickness achieved is in the range of 250 – 500 μm. The resultant thermoset epoxy has a high mechanical resistance with excellent electrical insulation properties. Drinking water approvals are available to confirm the coatings suitability, as a hygienic and environmental friendly coating. The outstanding adhesion of Resicoat R4-FB epoxy powders to the metal substrate provides long term protection of the coated component. It ensures a reliable conservation to the function and value of the parts for the common water and gas distribution network. The applicator of Resicoat R4-FB benefits from a modern and environmentally friendly process. It is possible to overcoat Resicoat R4-ES with polyester powder and liquid coatings to achieve an UV protection. Resicoat R4-FB meets the standard DIN EN 14901.