Booth and Recovery Equipment Problems



Possible Causes


Part surface contamination

Powder or contamination failing in spray booth from conveyor or hangers

Clean conveyor regularly for continuously before it enters powder spray booth.  Strip hangers as needed.


Contamination from parts entering spray booth

Check cleaning and pretreatment equipment for proper operation.  Ensure proper part drying before part enters spray booth.


Contamination from plant air circulated through spray booth

Isolate spray booth area.  Preferably enclose in a room with filtered humidity controlled air.  Maintain positive pressure in coating room.  Inspect nearby operations as possible contamination sources; correct as necessary.


Contamination from compressed air supply

Check compressed air supply system.


Powder sieve screen torn, missing

Replace sieve screen.


Inoperable powder sieve

Repair sieve or sieve control circuitry or replace if necessary


Poor powder containment.  Inadequate air flow through spray booth

Primary filter media binding

a)  Clean or replace filter media as required.

b) Check ambient air humidity in coating area.

c)  Check filter media air pulse operation.

d) Check for moisture/oil in compressed air supply.


Final filters clogged

Check primary filter media for powder leakage.  Service, repair or replace as needed.


Use of compressed air for booth cleandown

Refer to operations manual for proper cleaning procedures.


Improper powder gun placement/ alignment

Correct as necessary, position guns away from openings.


Room draughts leading to powder drifting from booth.

Map airflow in powder booth area.  Minimise draughts to eliminate powder drift.


Blocked airflow

a)  Check air volume control damper adjustment.

b) Check fire safety device for proper operation.


Inadequate blower operation

Check for proper operation.


Cross contamination of recycled powder

Inadequate booth/recovery equipment cleaning

Clean equipment per equipment supplier recommendations.


Booth Turbulence

High powder containment air velocity

Contact equipment supplier.


Powder recovery percentage below equipment specification

Insufficient air volume/velocity

Refer to ‘Poor powder containment.  Inadequate air flow through spray booth’ above.


Poor system seals

Verify and correct any air leaks.


Too high a percentage of powder fines

Contact your powder and equipment suppliers.