Why Resicoat

The key requirements when choosing a coating are performance, technical support and service as well as environmental impact. We believe our coatings provide an optimum choice in each category.

Unique solutions, global reach

We are an ideal partner for any international powder user. Why? Because our unique powder technologies, complete global coverage and customer service offer an unbeatable package.

Our in-house expertise – from polyester polymer capability to patented powder technologies – means we can tailor our products to give you a unique solution.

And we also add value. AkzoNobel’s powder technologies are designed to improve your products and processes.

Then there is our global service. Our customers have access to our entire network of powder coating operations, wherever they are in the world. As our technology base is centrally controlled we can replicate any paint anywhere to ensure absolute consistency and quality.

It is for these reasons that we are the natural partner to original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s), architects, specifiers, contractors and sub-contractors on major international projects the world over.

Environmental Commitment

In this age of sustainability, our environmentally friendly coatings have never been so relevant.

If, like us, your company has strict sustainability targets then take a minute to remind yourself of how Interpon Powder Coatings can help the planet.

  • They contain zero Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).
  • They generate less waste during application than liquid paints.
  • Particle management technology advances offer even further environmental benefits when compared with traditional powders.

This includes;

  • Low fire hazard risks
  • Ability to recycle waste powder providing >95% usage efficiency
  • New low temperature curing finishes use lower oven temperatures so less energy is used.

We’re proud of our environmental credentials. “Every Color Is Green” really underlines what Interpon is all about. Of course, not every color is actually green – we have a broad color pallet with thousands of choices and finishes. But, environmentally speaking, every single one of our powder coatings is ‘green’.

Now that is definitely something worth shouting about.