Powder Coatings: The Green Giant

What is so special about our products? Well, two things. Firstly, AkzoNobel Powder Coatings have a much lower eco footprint across most of our product range compared to the market alternatives.  And secondly, our coatings have achieved a Sustainable Platinum SMaRT certification.

Our coatings products offer many environmental benefits. A powder coating is made up of raw materials, similar to other coatings, but without any organic solvents. As a result there is no volatile release of organic compounds (VOCs) into the atmosphere during application. Also, as no solvent is required with powder, there is a reduction of fire risk during storage and handling.

The unique methods of application of powder coatings are also beneficial. They allow the solvent free product to be applied in a one coat process; any excess powder is collected and reused. This means that the powder coating paint application process results in higher utilization, lower wastage and an economically applied cost.


Beyond compliance

What is the best product information about the environment and social equity? It is a credible, third party product certification. Something which is approved, transparent, and consensus-based. Why? Because it eliminates unlawful, harmful and widespread green wash.

Many coating companies put pressure on the quantity and variety of their green initiatives. We don’t. Our focus is on quality and measurable sustainability credentials.

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