Our Powder is Green

As part of the world’s biggest coatings company, at AkzoNobel Powder Coatings we are proud of our commitment to sustainable and environmentally friendly products and technology. It’s a serious commitment, and our objective is to remain in the top three in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index.

Why is our powder green?

Global warming. Finite resources. Environmental damage. These are the harsh realities of 21st century life.

Today’s companies and organisations are committed to reducing their environmental footprint. And as government directives on this issue increase in severity, the pressure is on to become more sustainable. Using powder coatings is one way of achieving this.

We have a long history of eliminating harmful substances from our coatings. Often we have led the way whilst others have followed.

There are no toxic lead pigments in our powder coatings. And we are the world leader in TGIC-free technology. (Ttriglycidyl Isocyanurate is a cross linker used as a curing agent in powder coatings since the 1970s).

But what is so green?

Quite simply:

  • There are no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) in Resicoat Powder Coatings.
  • There are no heavy toxic metals such as lead or chromium (VI) in Resicoat Powder Coatings.
  • There is almost no waste when Resicoat Powder Coatings are used. Any overspray can be reclaimed, recycled or reprocessed.
  • Many of our powders have a lower ecological footprint than competing products.

No VOCs, multiple benefits

AkzoNobel Powder Coatings products have many environmental benefits. But among the most significant is their zero-VOC status.

A powder coating is made up of raw materials, much like other paints, but without organic solvents. This means no VOCs are released into the atmosphere during application. And, as no solvents are required with powder, there is a reduction in the risk of fire during storage and handling.

The unique methods of powder coating application mean the solvent free product can be applied in a one coat process; any excess powder is collected and reused. The powder coating paint application process results in high utilization, low wastage and a reduced economic price.